13.-16. Oktober 2020



2.-3. November 2020

Messe Stuttgart

25. bis 26. November 2020

RheinMain CongressCenter Wiesbaden

03.09.2019Hera Road-Show Sky Window

30.08.2019FR 65/205-LED / FQ 65/205-LED

04.07.2019Mirror light control

Flexible light control for bathroom, fitting room or shop

04.07.2019Dim-2-Warm SR 68

Colour appearance gets warmer while dimming

04.07.2019LED Zoom

Focusable LED spotlight

04.07.2019LED Glass Clip

Clipable glass shelf luminaire up + down

04.07.2019LED Wardrobe Tube Luminaire

Wardrobe Tube Luminaire with motion-activated switch

04.07.2019LED Cover Profile H

For homogeneous accent lighting

04.07.2019LED Tape FN

LED Tape with homogeneous planar light for milled groove

09.05.2019LED Evo-Stick F

Powerful plug-in LED stick with homogeneous planar light and IP65

09.05.2019Dynamic LED Tape S

Self-adhesive flexible LED strips with adjustable colour appearance and silicone compound

09.05.2019Dynamic LED Tape F

Self-adhesive flexible LED strips with adjustable colour appearance and homogeneous planar light

09.05.2019LED RGB Tape F

Self-adhesive flexible LED RGB strips with homogeneous planar light

09.05.2019LED Eco-Tape

Self-adhesive flexible LED strips

07.05.2019Eco HV SR 68-LED

Recessed swivel LED luminaire with two light colours for 230V

07.05.2019USB double socket

Furniture USB socket for 24V transformer


Mini recessed switch 24V

06.04.2018LED Milled Profile A 24mm

Asymmetrical aluminium profile for LED strips

03.04.2018PS Mini

Slotted rail with power supply 24 V

29.03.2018Dynamic LED ModuLite F

Flat LED under-cabinet luminaire with adjustable colour appearance for 230 V