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Press release

14.02.2020 Touch mirror control Always in the right light!

It couldn't be easier: the conscious integration into the mirror surface makes it easy for the user to choose the light colour and brightness. The right light colour and the intensity of the light are crucial for well-being. The mirror control scores here; light scenes of the respective daytime and the respective activity and mood can be adapted by using the touch switch. As an alternative to the touch switch, an IR sensor (e.g. in bathroom furniture) can also be selected. The IR sensor is...

14.02.2020 Power adapter and shelf bracket united PS Mini and SPS Mini II

For perfect sales-promoting illumination of store shelves without annoying and visible cables Hera has further developed the two shop fitting systems PS Mini and SPS Mini II for an invisible 24 V power supply on the shelf.

14.02.2020 Sky Window Sunlight – anywhere, anytime

As an innovative extension of the already known Dynamic White range, Hera is now offering the product Sky Window.

14.02.2020 LED Basic Tape COB 24V

Clear line! This is the motto of the new Hera LED Basic Tape COB!

14.02.2020 Broaden your horizons: light for hotels and ships

Travelling on land and water are very popular; at present and in the future. For this reason, Hera is showing a marketing concept at EuroShop that is customized to the wishes and needs of this industry.

14.02.2020 Hera’s LED Evo-Stick F2 Meat R - Juicy & fresh … that's how meat has to look like!

The bright, pluggable LED stick is an ideal solution for use in shop fitting, specially designed for counters and shelves. Thanks to the increased protection class IP65, the use of the pluggable luminaires as a light band is ideal, especially in the fresh area with a generally humid climate. Thanks to the new “Meat R” LED meat color point, the homogeneous planar light always presents the products fresh, colorfast and appealing.

20.05.2019 LED Tape FN - Only 4 mm wide and optimal for flexible homogeneous light contours

LED Tape FN has a very small bending radius of just 25 mm and therefore can be used for almost any shape – especially for decorative applications, e.g. contours and special accents.

20.05.2019 Mirror light control - Always in the right light!

Couldn’t be easier: by the intentional integration into the mirror surface, the user easily selects, the light intensity and brightness.

20.05.2019 LED Glass Clip - Simple - but with great effect

Create lighting effects in showcases and shelves simply, quickly and cost-efficient.

20.05.2019 IR-Switch for the milled profile I 24mm

As an innovative extension to the already extensive range of profiles and accessories for linear luminaires, the milled profile I 24mm for LED strips from Hera has been extended by a practical IR switch. The non-contact IR switch is unremarkable integrated in the milled profile I 24mm.

20.05.2019 LED Evo-Stick F from Hera

The powerful, pluggable LED stick is an ideal solution for shop fitting, specially designed for counters and shelves. Thanks to the increased protection type, IP65, the pluggable luminaires can be also used as strip lights in the fresh food area, which has a generally humid climate. The homogeneous planar light presents the products in an attractive way – thanks to CRI > 90.

20.05.2019 Especially successful: "Black-Line" - Hera gives classics a new face

Timeless, elegant and trendy, this characterizes the colour black not only in fashion, but also in architecture.

14.01.2019 LED RGB Tape F with IP54

With the new RGB Tape F every room can be transformed into a wellness oasis, e.g. the kitchen or the living area. Regardless of whether in niches, open shelves, ceilings or furniture, with the LED RGB Tape F mood lighting can be switched in different shades and with homogeneous planar light, so that no light points are visible.

14.01.2019 LED Top-Stick FMG - Recessed grip lighting without dark zones

In the kitchen is not only cooking today, but above all, this room is the place of the house where you meet with family and friends to prepare meals together or to communicate in a friendly atmosphere. Accordingly high are the demands on a comfortable feel-good atmosphere. Here light plays a big and decisive role.

14.01.2019 High-voltage LED recessed spotlight HV FR 68-LED and HV FR 78-LED now also in trend color black

The HV FR 68-LED and HV FR 78-LED are suitable for a variety of applications. The homogeneous planar lighting can be used in architecturally demanding interior environments as well as for shelves or design objects. In addition to the chrome matt and stainless steel look, the trend color black is now also available.

14.01.2019 Milled profile I 24mm - Reverse asymmetrical profile for LED strips

As an innovative extension of the already large range of profiles and accessories for linear luminaires, the Milled Profile I 24mm for LED strips has been developed by Hera.

14.01.2019 LED ModuLite F „Black & White edition“

Hera presents a new LED under cabinet luminaire with planar light and adjustable color appearance for 230V.

16.01.2017 ZigBee controller - The ZigBee controller as an optional accessory for 24V transformers

Lighting technology is constantly advancing and there is a demand for quick and easy ways to create individual lighting scenarios - if possible, even remotely from virtually any location.

16.01.2017 LED Top-Stick FMK - Slimline LED under-cabinet luminaire with uniform planar light

Hera is proud to present the new addition to its’ LED Top-Stick range, the LED Top Stick FMK – planar lighting with no visible hot spots. A shallow mounting depth of 8 mm means the product is ideally suited for a wide range of applications.

16.01.2017 LED Tape F - Self-adhesive, flexible LED strips with uniform planar light

Glare-free lighting quality, rather than light intensity is the key factor for perfectly showcasing furniture or presenting merchandise.

16.01.2017 LED ADD-ON Mini - Minimalist LED under-cabinet luminaire with uniform planar light

Ultra thin, ultra slim and ultra bright! These are the key features of the LED ADD-ON Mini.

16.01.2017 Dynamic SR 68-LED - Swivel & tilt recessed luminaire with adjustable colour temperatures

Hera is proud to present another model of the ultra-slim variant of its SR 68-LED spotlight in a dynamic version for ceiling applications.

16.01.2017 A 24mm milled profile - Versatile aluminium profile for LED strips

The A 24mm milled profile for LED strips has been developed by Hera as a useful addition to the wide range of profiles and accessories available for strip lighting.

16.01.2017 Dynamic LED Sky - the slimline under-cabinet luminaire for custom lighting

Hera® (www.hera-online.de) develops brilliant and stylish lighting solutions to meet a wide range of customer requirements. With a mounting depth of just 8 mm and a sophisticated stainless-steel look, the Dynamic LED Sky is the ultimate in elegant understatement and a real eye-catcher thanks to its large luminous surface. State-of-the-art flat-LED technology ensures ‘daylight’ illumination. The luminaire is also completely versatile – either as a pure working light or dimmed as mood lighting...

16.01.2017 Hera continues family tradition

Alexander Abke will join Hera in January 2017 and continue to run the family-owned business for a third generation. Following his Business Management and Engineering degree, Alexander Abke gained experience at a renowned company in the electronics industry and is now joining the company as a managing partner.

07.03.2016 Hera WALL F Recessed Wall Luminaire

Hera has developed the Wall F luminaire, not only for orientation purposes, but also – especially – for a cosy ambience.

07.03.2016 SR 68-LED: One spotlight – many options

With the introduction of its new ultra-slim version of the SR 68-LED spotlight – just 35mm installation height – Hera is closing a gap in the 68mm diameter range of recessed ceiling lights.

07.03.2016 ModuLite F – Hera optimises and adds to its 230V range!

This luminaire with planar illumination is the perfect lighting system for the home – and it can also be used in specialist shops.

07.03.2016 Heavenly light with LED Sky

Geared towards elegant understatement, the LED Sky under-cabinet luminaire with large illuminated area cannot fail to be an eye-catcher. Thanks to the latest LED surface technology and a luminous power of 390 lumens per luminaire for only 6 W, the light is guaranteed to be as bright as day. This is the equivalent of more than 30W Halogen. A classy, stainless steel look design tops of this homogeneous planar light without light spots. Available in ww (warm white) – approx. 3000K – and nw...

07.03.2016 LED RGBW Tape by Hera

Hera’s new RGBW Tape will transform any room into an oasis of wellbeing – it can be used to draw attention to alcoves, display cabinets, counters – or a particular area.

07.03.2016 LED Power-Stick TF

To expand its plug-in LED Power Stick T family, Hera is now introducing the Power-Stick TF as planar light without visible luminous spots.

07.03.2016 LED Panels Ultra-slim – brilliant – versatile: Real problem-solvers

Extensive homogeneous illumination, easy to install and operate, low-maintenance, ready to plug-in and can be combined with all Hera 24V system components – these are the advantages of the LED Panels!

07.03.2016 Hera Dynamic FR 215-LED LED Recessed luminaire with planar light and adjustable colour temperature

Hera is striking new paths by introducing the Dynamic FR 215 model, an innovative, energy-efficient LED recessed downlight. Its high level of luminous power of up to 2500 lumens – at a recess depth of only 56mm – and very good colour properties make this spotlight suitable for many functional and decorative applications. These include medical practices, the food and beverage industry, the hotel industry, corridors and public buildings.

07.03.2016 The Hera Configurator: Manufacturing the LED-Lighting Systems You Want Also online in time for L&B 2016!

Customer expectations are constantly rising. People not only want energy-efficient products, but increasingly they require customised solutions to suit their specific needs.

04.05.2015 LED BasicLite F - Delicate linear luminaire with homogeneous planar light

With its LED BasicLite F, Hera has developed another captivating, delicate luminaire which can be directly connected to 230V.

04.05.2015 LED Pipe VF

Hera is pleased to introduce its first rotating LED Linear Display Case Luminaire with homogeneous planar light.

04.05.2015 Hera introduces LED Track 24V

Hera’s LED Track 24V display cabinet luminaire with the LED spot Track Point S is delicate yet bright, for professional staging of exhibits.

04.05.2015 SPS Shelf Power System

Hera has developed the “SPS Shelf Power System” to provide concealed 24V power to shelving, so that products can be illuminated without the distraction of visible cables.

04.05.2015 Sonar Dim Controller

Hera is introducing its new touch-free “Sonar Dim Controller” remote control as an alternative to a conventional switch or remote control.

15.01.2015 SR 45-LED – an LED recessed luminaire from Hera – sets new standards

A purist design coupled with state-of-the-art lighting technology and high energy efficiency - these are the hallmarks of Hera’s new LED recessed luminaire, the SR 45-LED.

15.01.2015 RGB FR 68-LED – the round planar light artist

Hera’s innovative LED planar luminaires perfect for creating a relaxing oasis!

15.01.2015 FR 55-LED – the round planar light artist

Hera’s innovative LED planar luminaires for state-of-the-art lighting

15.01.2015 Dynamic LED IN-Stick SF - Slim LED recessed luminaire with adjustable colour temperature

Hera presents its new ultra-slim recessed luminaire – the IN-Stick SF - a perfect all-rounder for shelves, showcases, wall cabinets and home furniture.

15.01.2015 Dynamic FR 55-LED for softly changing lighting moods

When it comes to creating state-of-the-art LED lighting, lighting solutions offering both outstanding energy efficiency and the option of being able to dynamically adjust a light’s brightness and warmth to suit individual requirements and moods are in high demand. Hera, based in Enger, has met this demand by creating innovative lighting systems and is now presenting one of its latest developments - dynamic recessed luminaires.

15.01.2015 High-performance 4-channel radio remote-control

Changes are taking place in residential and commercial lighting. Simple remote controls are now standard, which is why Hera is presenting its exceptional all-rounder.

12.02.2014 Hera presents creative new developments - Dynamic White LED for softly changing lighting moods

When it comes to creating LED lighting, comfort is becoming an increasingly important factor in modern lighting design. Lighting solutions which offer both outstanding energy efficiency and the option of being able to dynamically adjust a light’s brightness and warmth to suit individual requirements and moods are in high demand. Hera has embraced this trend and has yet again demonstrated its proven ability to innovate with its Dynamic LED Line and Dynamic FR 68-LED products.

12.02.2014 Attractive and brilliant light! - Hera’s innovative LED panel luminaire for state-of-the-art shop lighting

Hera has expanded its range of revolutionary LED recessed luminaires for modern shop lighting with the innovative panel luminaires – the LED IN-Stick and FR 68 LED.

12.02.2014 Leading expertise with a compact design - Flat recessed LED spots - AR 35-LED & AR 68-LED

The Hera AR-LED product range has now been completed by two new high-performance designs, specially developed for space-saving installation in shops and showrooms. Whether as accent or furniture lighting, the AR 35-LED is setting new standards in lighting design. And the “large” AR 68-LED shows exceptional performance when used in a 68 mm borehole.

08.05.2013 Hera at the Interzum 2013 - The LED-Pipe linear luminaire gives light that extra twist

Premiere at the Interzum: Hera will be presenting a new pipe-shaped LED linear luminaire called LED-Pipe, which provides sophisticated lighting schemes with precise beam control.

08.05.2013 Brilliant light - New highlights with Hera’s LED spotlight AR 78-LED

Hera has developed a new LED recessed spotlight – the AR 78-LED model – which due to its brilliant light and colour rendering properties, is suitable for all applications where light quality is absolutely essential.

08.05.2013 Lighting design in its simplest form - LED recessed spotlight - AR 45-LED

Hera has expanded its product range of top-quality LED recessed lamps with the sleek and stylish model AR 45-LED for a 45 mm cut-out in time for the Interzum 2013.

11.01.2013 Hera kitchen classic in a new light - Innovative LED under-cabinet lighting for more efficiency

In times of surging power costs, energy efficiency, sustainability and the conservation of natural resources are decisive factors in future-orientated kitchen light planning. Hera will launch its new under-cabinet luminaires, the Vario LED 2 and UL 2-LED in time for the Living Kitchen Expo 2013 in Cologne, presenting two long-established kitchen classics repackaged as popular LED lighting.

11.01.2013 Sophisticated and elegant - LED Slim-Pad: New LED under-cabinet lighting from Hera

Ultra-slim and powerful – the new LED under-cabinet lighting, LED Slim-Pad stands out due to its simple elegance and stylish light for the modern kitchen.

13.04.2012 Efficient lighting design - The SR 68-LED – an LED recessed luminaire from Hera – creates impressive highlights

A purist design coupled with state-of-the-art lighting technology and high energy efficiency - these are the hallmarks of Hera’s new LED recessed luminaire, the SR 68-LED.

13.04.2012 Concentrated lighting power - LED Power Stick from Hera

LED technology is making rapid progress in the lighting industry and constantly offering improvements for further application areas. Hera, based in Enger, is also setting the pace with its presentation of an innovative lighting system, the LED Power Stick – a new plug-in surface-mounted luminaire. The intelligent lighting solution stands out due to its improved LED colour rendering properties and maximum efficiency.

13.04.2012 LED IN-Stick - discreet and high performance lighting

Discreet and effective lighting is playing an increasingly important role. Modern lighting solutions which transform furniture or goods into real eye-catchers are in demand in both private and commercial areas.

23.05.2011 LED coved lighting profile – indirect lighting design in dry construction.

Based in Enger, the company Hera has succeeded in reinventing indirect lighting with its LED coved lighting profile. Perfectly adapted to modern room scenarios, slim-line, sophisticated recessed profiles are combined with state-of-the-art LED lighting technology. The result is stylish coved lighting which leaves a lasting impression due to its understated elegance and maximum energy efficiency.

23.05.2011 LED Q-Pad – new Hera lighting design for interior fittings and store construction

The ultimate in elegant understatement, this square-shaped luminaire is transformed into a real eye-catcher when displayed in refined colours like high-gloss black, white, anodised aluminium or stainless steel look with glass optics.

23.05.2011 Hera wins two coveted design awards - The LED L-Pad – impressive high product and design quality

The lighting specialist, Hera, based in Enger was able to score twice with its innovative under-cabinet luminaire, the LED L-Pad:- First of all, it was presented with the renowned red dot award for first-class design quality in the product design category and now the new lighting module, LED L-Pad, has received an award for premium product quality in the interzum design competition “interzum award: intelligent material & design”, which runs prior to the interzum trade fair.

23.05.2011 Versatile and economical – the SlimLite® CS LED

LED is newest addition to the proven SlimLite® product range from Hera The new SlimLite® CS LED model - an innovative LED version which Hera had added to its proven classic linear luminaire product range. The intelligent lighting solution produces a brilliant light with almost no dark spots and accounts for a significant improvement in energy efficiency in both commercial and store construction.

23.02.2011 Shadowless lighting without limits - SlimLite® CS Seamless

Bright, seamless light-bands enhance a room’s ambiance and are playing an ever-increasing role in application areas with representational demands. The SlimLite® CS Seamless has made it possible for the lighting specialist, Hera to expand its intelligent long strip lighting system – SlimLite® CS – with yet another product, offering an endless range of design possibilities without dark spots.

23.02.2011 First-class lighting comfort and a slimline design - New LED recessed luminaires from Hera at the Euroshop

At present, slim budgets mean there is an even greater demand for intelligent lighting solutions which are both energy efficient and cost effective. The lighting enterprise, Hera will be presenting two sustainable recessed luminaires – the R68-LED and Q68-LED. These luminaires stand out due to their constant light quality and excellent cost performance ratio.

09.04.2010 Intelligent and energy-efficient - SlimLite CS Coved Lighting and SlimLite CS Reflector

In times of constantly rising energy costs, lighting concepts that save electricity in commercial construction and shopfitting are taking on greater significance. This also applies to the implementation of coved lighting. The lighting specialist, Hera, based in Enger, has responded to this requirement with two new developments, enabling the popular fluorescent luminaire range, SlimLite CS to be used in coved lighting in an effective and energy-efficient way.

09.04.2010 LED Stick 2 – continuous bands of light from Hera

Hera – one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent lighting systems for the furniture and kitchen industries – has further expanded its LED product range just in time for the Light + Building 2010. The energy-efficient, surface-mounted LED Stick 2 and LED Twin Stick 2 are among the new highlights. The small plug-in LED sticks have been especially developed to produce homogeneous light without dark spots and facilitate the creation of continuously variable light bands. As a result, these are...

03.02.2010 Hera – Light Years Ahead - Intelligent lighting concepts developed for the customer

For more than 50 years, Hera GmbH & Co. KG has supplied its customers with innovative lighting solutions and a service that fulfils every need. Starting with customers' own product concepts and skillfully combining functionality with attractive design, the company intends to be the one that sets tomorrow’s trends.