Concentrated lighting power - LED Power Stick from Hera

LED technology is making rapid progress in the lighting industry and constantly offering improvements for further application areas. Hera, based in Enger, is also setting the pace with its presentation of an innovative lighting system, the LED Power Stick – a new plug-in surface-mounted luminaire. The intelligent lighting solution stands out due to its improved LED colour rendering properties and maximum efficiency.

The new lighting solution, the LED Power Stick, is available in two models -  as simple strip lighting (Power Stick S), which, depending on the length of the model (200 mm or 300 mm), has 6 or 12 LEDs and as double strip lighting (LED Power Stick T) with 12 or 18 LEDs.

Both models combine flexible freedom of design with state-of-the-art LED technology. The lamps have been specially developed for representative areas and with a depth of only twelve millimetres, blend discreetly with any types of shelving, displays and showcases and can be linked together to create strip lighting of any length without dark spots. The colour rendering properties of the LEDs used have achieved a new power output level. For example, with a power output of 4 watts (20 cm length) or 6 watts (30 cm length), the LED Power Stick T produces a light output of 20 watts per metre. In practice, this means that less LEDs are required to achieve an increase in luminosity.

Easily compatible

The LED Power Stick S/T is available in warm white (approx. 3,000 K), neutral white (approx. 4,000 K) and „bread“ (approx. 2,800 K). The „LED sticks“ can be linked together using a simple plug-in system.

As the LED Power Stick T is fully compatible with the LED Twin Stick, „Twin Stick strip lighting“ which has already been mounted can be easily expanded using the new LED Power Stick T system.