Dynamic FR 55-LED for softly changing lighting moods

When it comes to creating state-of-the-art LED lighting, lighting solutions offering both outstanding energy efficiency and the option of being able to dynamically adjust a light’s brightness and warmth to suit individual requirements and moods are in high demand. Hera, based in Enger, has met this demand by creating innovative lighting systems and is now presenting one of its latest developments - dynamic recessed luminaires.

The ultra-slim Dynamic FR 55-LED allows you to adjust colour temperature from cool to warm white, as well as brightness.

With an extremely shallow recess depth of 10.5 mm, the Dynamic FR 55-LED combines space-saving design with the benefits of state-of-the-art and easy-to-use lighting technology. A special feature is the LED recessed luminaire can be inserted into sheet metal.

The core component of the Dynamic FR 55-LED is 42 x 143 mW light emitting diodes which provide impressive lighting effects – individual light spots merge together with a frosted luminous window into a uniform surface with no visible hot spots. Low-contrast and glare-free light creates a gentle lighting mood which meets the highest demands in general and accent lighting. When it comes to creating individual lighting scenarios, the Dynamic FR 55-LED stands out as a result of adjustable white colour temperatures ranging from extra warm white (2700 Kelvin) and cool white (5000 Kelvin).

Other extra features include the incredible LED light output of 100 lumens per watt and excellent colour rendering properties of >85 Ra. The Dynamic FR 55-LED recessed luminaire is available in two housing colours - matt chrome and stainless-steel look.

Easy to connect

The luminaire is connected using Hera’s modified modular control system. This requires a standard Hera LED DC 24 V transformer, which, depending on requirements, generates up to 75 watts of electrical power, along with a ready-to-use LED 24 V dynamic controller, including an easy-to-operate radio remote-control.

Forward-looking modular design

Thanks to its new modular design, the entire control system is ideal for any new installation or subsequent addition of a new system. This makes it easy to assemble Hera’s LED DC 24 V transformer and various LED 24 V controllers – either for radio, Dali or WiFi - for dimming luminaires or individually controlling the colour temperature. It can also be used in the complete Hera 24 V technology range.

As an optional accessory, the WiFi controller can be run using any iOS or Android Smartphone or Tablet (with free App).