Dynamic LED IN-Stick SF - Slim LED recessed luminaire with adjustable colour temperature

Hera presents its new ultra-slim recessed luminaire – the IN-Stick SF - a perfect all-rounder for shelves, showcases, wall cabinets and home furniture.

The special advantage of this new strip lighting is the planar, uniform LED light with no visible hot spots, adjustable colour temperature and can be also dimmed in brightness. This helps prevent unwanted reflection and glare, particularly with shiny surfaces. The adjustable colour temperature also ensures an even, overall lighting level.

Thanks to a shallow 12 mm recess depth and various models available in 330mm, 530mm, 830mm and 1,130mm lengths, the luminaire can be discreetly integrated into virtually any type of application. Special lengths are also available on request.

Light output is achieved using exceptionally durable 100 mW LEDs. These are integrated into the anodized aluminium lamp casing measuring 13mm high and 24 mm wide. Depending on the length, the IN-Stick SF achieves a light output of between 3.6 Watt (330mm) and 13.2 Watt (1,130mm). Premium light quality is also achieved by outstanding colour rendering properties of Ra/CRI >80. The colour temperature can be adjusted from around 2700 K to 6000 K. In addition, a 30,000 hour average lifespan provides maximum energy efficiency.

The luminaire is connected using a 2.5 m plug-in connecting cable. A wide range of options is available for enhancing comfort levels and adjusting lighting using remote-controls in various designs or via WiFi or DALI controller.