Efficient lighting design - The SR 68-LED – an LED recessed luminaire from Hera – creates impressive highlights

A purist design coupled with state-of-the-art lighting technology and high energy efficiency - these are the hallmarks of Hera’s new LED recessed luminaire, the SR 68-LED.

The SR 68-LED is a brilliant highlight in modern interior furnishings. Designed for installation in ceilings to illuminate rooms, pictures or display items, it makes a discreet statement with outstanding colour rendering properties. Thanks to its compact, round construction with an installation depth of only 31-38 mm and 68 mm bore diameter, the SR 68-LED almost completely disappears into the fixing surface, lending it an overall impression of harmony which stands out in any room setting - whether in commercial buildings, offices, stores or at home.

The SR 68-LED’s light source comes from extremely energy-efficient Osram LEDs, which have a power input of 4.8 watts and average life of at least 30,000 hours, ensuring a perfect lighting mood with low energy consumption. The luminaire can be rotated in two directions up to 20°, which allows the light to be easily directed where it is required or to create brilliant accents. A warm white 3,000 Kelvin and neutral white 4,000 Kelvin produce a natural light similar to that of halogen lamps, meeting high illumination standards without ultra violet and infra-red emission. Custom lighting distribution is also guaranteed through the use of two optional 22° or 35° beam angles.

Easy installation guaranteed

The luminaire can be easily mounted to the ceiling using a short 0.3 m cable with ferrules and an electronic safety transformer LED 350 for 1 watt power LED.

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