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Hera kitchen classic in a new light - Innovative LED under-cabinet lighting for more efficiency

In times of surging power costs, energy efficiency, sustainability and the conservation of natural resources are decisive factors in future-orientated kitchen light planning. Hera will launch its new under-cabinet luminaires, the Vario LED 2 and UL 2-LED in time for the Living Kitchen Expo 2013 in Cologne, presenting two long-established kitchen classics repackaged as popular LED lighting.

Hera has designed the „Vario LED 2“ to meet the demands of a modern niche system and which stands out due to its exceptionally high energy efficiency and versatility in the kitchen. This model maintains the familiar geometrical shape in a stainless steel-look, while accentuating puristic functionality and stylish elegance. The simple outer casing measuring a compact 65 x 20 x 121 mm (b x h x d) conceals a powerhouse of versatile LED lighting expertise – with 12 extremely durable 333 mW LEDs and a light output of 80 lumen per watt, the Vario LED 2 provides a perfect, glare-free working light, as well as illuminating the kitchen worktop with a uniform, wide-angled beam. Custom tailored lighting scenes can be created by using an adjustable beam angle – four levels can be selected between zero, four, eight and twelve degrees at the touch of a button. Once your work in the kitchen is done, a relaxing atmosphere can also be achieved using dimmable transformers which allow the room to be quickly bathed in a subtle, warm light, creating a sense of well-being. The Vario LED 2 is available in warm white (3000 K) or neutral white (4000 K) and provides excellent colour rendering properties of more than 90 (Ra/CRI). In order to ensure correct installation and smooth operation, the luminaire is connected using an LED transformer DC 24V with a constant output voltage. Thus, free sockets on the distributor do not need to be fitted with short-circuit plugs.

UL 2-LED – Classic lighting on energy efficient top form

The UL 1-LED under-cabinet luminaire with its striking triangular shape and brushed stainless-steel casing is already one of the LED kitchen classics and the new model, the UL 2-LED is the result of continuous resource improvement for energy-saving LED lighting technology.  Designed as a stylistic element for easy installation below the wall units in a modern kitchen environment, the timeless and elegant UL 2-LED combines enhanced performance with outstanding energy efficiency. It is fitted with six extremely durable 500 mW LEDs and with a low power consumption of just 3 watts, achieves a luminous flux of about 80 lumen per watt. Its high colour rendering properties of over 90 (Ra/CRI) also makes colours appear natural, while creating a pleasant atmosphere. This lighting solution’s sustainability is increased by its average life expectancy of 30,000 hours – this not only saves energy but also replacement lamps and maintenance costs. The model, available in warm white (3,000 K) and neutral white colour temperatures (4,000 K), is able to generate the same light output as a 20 watt halogen lamp.  An electronic LED safety transformer DC 24V is used for the power supply.

If you are interested, you can obtain further information about Hera’s new under-cabinet lighting at the Living Kitchen expo between 14th and 20th January in Cologne (Hall 4.2., Row B No. 028).

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