LED BasicLite F - Delicate linear luminaire with homogeneous planar light

With its LED BasicLite F, Hera has developed another captivating, delicate luminaire which can be directly connected to 230V.

This model is designed for use in diverse shop-fitting applications, shelves, display cases, wall-mounted cabinets and household furniture.

The specific advantage of this new linear luminaire is its homogeneous LED planar light without visible luminous spots. This avoids undesirable mirror images and glare, particularly on reflective surfaces.

The LED BasicLite F comes in lengths of 278 mm, 538 mm, 838 mm, 1138 mm and 1438 mm.

The luminous power output is achieved with extremely long-life 333 mW LEDs. Depending on length, luminous power of between 5 Watts (278 mm) and 16 Watts (1438 mm) can be obtained. First-class light quality is assured due to the excellent colour rendering Ra/CRI of >80 Ra and two selectable colour temperatures, 3,000 Kelvin (warm white) or 4,000 Kelvin (neutral white).

The long life of the lamp – an average 30,000 hours – also guarantees economic efficiency.

The luminaire is connected to the power supply by a 1.8 m mains cable with Euro plug. The appropriate connection can be selected, according to whether the luminaires are to be mounted vertically or horizontally.

A rigid connector provides minimal spacing between luminaires. Connecting cables are available in various lengths from 0.15m to 1.8m.