16.-20. Februar 2020

Halle 9, Stand Nr. 9A12

8.-13. März 2020


Halle 4.2 Stand C20

18.-21. März 2020

Halle 11.1 Stand 130


LED RGB Tape F with IP54

With the new RGB Tape F every room can be transformed into a wellness oasis, e.g. the kitchen or the living area. Regardless of whether in niches, open shelves, ceilings or furniture, with the LED RGB Tape F mood lighting can be switched in different shades and with homogeneous planar light, so that no light points are visible.

Thanks to IP54, the RGB Tape F is also ideally suited for applications with a higher ingress protection (such as in the bathroom and kitchen area). The RGB Tape F is delivered on a roll and can be shortened every 50mm. Thanks to uncomplicated installation with double-sided adhesive tape, limitless lighting options can be realized.

Alternatively, the LED RGB Tape F can be assembled from a quantity of 1, in lengths up to 5000 mm and with a delivery time of 5 to 10 working days.