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LED Stick 2 – continuous bands of light from Hera

Hera – one of the leading manufacturers of intelligent lighting systems for the furniture and kitchen industries – has further expanded its LED product range just in time for the Light + Building 2010. The energy-efficient, surface-mounted LED Stick 2 and LED Twin Stick 2 are among the new highlights. The small plug-in LED sticks have been especially developed to produce homogeneous light without dark spots and facilitate the creation of continuously variable light bands. As a result, these are ideal for use at points of sale or in shopfitting.

The innovative surface-mounted LED Stick 2 and LED Twin Stick 2 combine the benefits of state-of-the-art LED technology, like low energy consumption, long average life and attractive design with high flexibility. The small, plug-in LED sticks have been especially developed to be mounted to furniture, displays, showcases and cabinets and are highly impressive with their extraordinarily lean, slimline and linear design. The sticks offer endless design possibilities, as connector elements can be combined with lateral light input. The luminaires can be connected together in no time at all, linking long, constant bands of light with uniform brightness and without dark spots. The available lengths – 70 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm – can also be mounted in any number of creative ways. They ensure that the luminaires can be adapted to fit almost any required dimension. 

Powerful light output brought into focus

Depending on the required application, the LED Stick 2 is fitted with a maximum of 36 or 72 extremely durable SMD diodes.

An output of approx. 20 watts can be achieved with a simple light-band (LED Stick 2). In contrast, the double light-band (LED Twin Stick) produces a total output of 36 watts. The SMD LEDs used have an average life of 30,000 hours and are therefore extremely durable and naturally energy efficient. The LED sticks are available in the following colour temperatures: cool white, warm white and neutral white.

Complete with easy installation

The surface-mounted LED Stick and LED Twin Stick 2 can be quickly and easily attached to cabinets, displays or showcases using mounting clips. A profile for covering the milled groove is made of transparent plastic and is available as an accessory.

LED sticks can be connected via a dimmable 24V LED DC voltage transformer with 15 or 30 watt output. In addition, dimmable transformers with a wireless remote-control are available for both model types, creating atmospheric lighting effects.  

Further information is available at the Hera booth (Booth C 45, Halle 4.2) at the Light + Building 2010 in Frankfurt.

Lighting specialist Hera GmbH & Co. KG (www.hera-online.de) was founded by Hermann Abke in 1934 and is now one of the leading suppliers in the lighting market. Based in Enger (Westphalia, Germany), the company employs around 100 people and supplies high class products and system solutions in over 35 countries around the world. Its product portfolio ranges from high-quality fluorescent luminaires and innovative halogen and LED spotlights to sophisticated system luminaires and accessories.