LED Top-Stick FMG - Recessed grip lighting without dark zones

In the kitchen is not only cooking today, but above all, this room is the place of the house where you meet with family and friends to prepare meals together or to communicate in a friendly atmosphere. Accordingly high are the demands on a comfortable feel-good atmosphere. Here light plays a big and decisive role.

The recessed grip lighting is a trend, particularly suitable for modern kitchens with handleless fronts, which usually have no handles, but a recess for the fingers, which is referred to as recessed grip.

Here you can provide the Hera recessed grip lighting for an attractive indirect accent lighting without dark zones.

With the help of the Hera configurator, the desired recessed grip lighting can be planned online; after mounting the aluminum profiles the selected LED Tape will be fixed continuously, no shadow gaps arise. Afterwards the cover profile is snapped on. The entire profile has a minimum height of 8mm x 15mm (width).