Milled profile I 24mm - Reverse asymmetrical profile for LED strips

As an innovative extension of the already large range of profiles and accessories for linear luminaires, the Milled Profile I 24mm for LED strips has been developed by Hera.

Special advantage: the minimum installation height of 0.6 mm. This makes even a factory-made or subsequent shortening of the shelves unnecessary.

This asymmetrical profile is particularly suitable for achieving a precise and uniform illumination without reflection. The light can be guided exactly where it is needed.
The Milled Profile I 24mm can be combined with all LED tapes.

The anodized aluminium or black profile is optionally available with front cover and can be combined with frosted covers. The tone-on-tone color combination black with black frosted cover profile matches the current trend in furniture.

All profiles as well as all Hera linear luminaires can be assembled individually.