16.-20. Februar 2020

Halle 9, Stand Nr. 9A12

8.-13. März 2020


Halle 4.2 Stand C20

18.-21. März 2020

Halle 11.1 Stand 130


Power adapter and shelf bracket united PS Mini and SPS Mini II

For perfect sales-promoting illumination of store shelves without annoying and visible cables Hera has further developed the two shop fitting systems PS Mini and SPS Mini II for an invisible 24 V power supply on the shelf.

Up to 115 W (PS Mini) and even 144 W (SPS Mini II) light output can be installed per power track. SPS Mini II is ideal for projects that require larger and / or bright solutions.
PS Mini is ideal wherever simple design and high variability are required. The slotted rail is installed almost invisibly in the rear wall and gives the entire interior an additional exclusive touch.

Both systems convince with a simple, tool-free and therefore time-saving installation. With the SPS Mini II, existing double-slot shelves can also be quickly converted or retrofitted, because it fits almost all common shelf systems. The filigree power adapter, which is snapped onto the internal track, can be used for all 30/60 systems and can be used flexibly regardless of the perforation. It is also ideal for illumination of metal, wood and glass shelves.

The SPS Mini II power tracks are available in 600, 1100 and 1800mm and can be shortened as required. Special lengths are possible on request.
Thanks to the included fixing aid, longer shelf profiles can be fitted length-wise and, above all, cost-effectively.

The special highlight of both systems: the power adapter is integrated in the bracket. This means that the shelves can be repositioned at the shelf height at any time and repeatedly.
The plug & play systems supplied as a complete solution can be combined with all 24V Hera luminaires and can be ordered using the Hera configurator. In the configurator you can select cable lengths, cable colours and shrink fitted magnets for a clean and tool-free hold of the cables.