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RGB FR 68-LED – the round planar light artist

Hera’s innovative LED planar luminaires perfect for creating a relaxing oasis!

Hera presents its round recessed luminaire – the RGB FR 68-LED – perfect for uniform, glare-free lighting in architecturally sophisticated interiors. With the option of 7 different colours alternating with gentle and seamless colour mixing, any room can be transformed into a relaxing oasis. The luminaire has 4 dimming levels. The memory function ensures that the previous dimmer and colour settings are maintained when the light is switched off. Colours can be selected using a freely adjustable dial. A mounted remote control is also available as an option making the application extremely easy to use.

With an outer diameter of 75 mm (68 mm cut-out) and an extremely shallow recess depth of just 12 mm, the model is ideal for flush-mounted installation in suspended ceilings. The RGB FR 68-LED also demonstrates its outstanding light properties with 18 x 222 mW LEDs. Perfectly reflected light spots merge together with a frosted luminous window into a uniform surface. Thanks to this extremely even light distribution, the RGB FR 68-LED illuminates the room with an incredibly gentle and homogeneous light.

Depending on requirements, the RGB FR 68-LED is available in two housing colours - matt chrome and stainless-steel look. 

Guaranteed easy installation

The recessed luminaire is connected using a 2.5 m connecting cable with RGB plug which are supplied.

Forward-looking modular design

Thanks to its new modular design, the complete control system is ideal for any new installation or subsequent addition of a new system.

This makes it easy to assemble Hera’s LED DC 24 V transformer and various LED 24 V controllers – either for radio, 1-10V, Dali or Dynamic White - used for dimming luminaires or individually controlling the colour temperature. It can also be used in the complete Hera 24 V technology range.

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