16.-19. Oktober 2018



Halle 2, Stand B36

04.04.2018LED Milled Profile A 24mm

Asymmetrical aluminium profile for LED strips

04.04.2018LED Milled Profile I 24mm

Reverse asymmetrical aluminium profile for LED strips

04.04.2018LED Top-Stick FMG

Recessed grip luminaire without dark zones


Flat power supply 24 V

03.04.2018PS Mini

Slotted rail with power supply 24 V

29.03.2018SPS Mini

Invisible shelf power supply 24 V

29.03.2018Dynamic LED ModuLite F

Flat LED under-cabinet luminaire with adjustable colour appearance for 230 V

28.03.2018HV FR 68- / HV FR 78-LED

LED luminaire with homogeneous planar light for 230 V

14.09.2017LED Basic Side-Tape

Self-adhesive flexible LED strips with lateral radiation