IR-Switch / Dimmer 24V

Motion-Activated Switch for 24V LED

  • • the switch is triggered by a person approaching and/or door motion
  • • function 1 (as supplied): The first time the switch detects motion it turns the light on, and the second time it turns it off again
  • • function 2 (short key press, see diagram): opening the door automatically switches the light on – and closing the door switches it off again (combination of several IR switches possible)
  • • The brightness which is adjusted in function 1 will be retained after changing into function 2
  • • The connected LED luminaire is dimmable if the human hand or an object will be remained inside the detection range of the IR-sensor (only in function 1)
  • • connection: LED transformer DC 24 V
  • • to operate or dim LED luminaires 24 V
  • • for 14.5 mm cavities or to stick on using enclosed adhesive pad
  • • there must be a distance of about 2 up to 50 mm (depending on the reflection surface) between the closed door and the IR-sensor
  • • by means of a key press about 6 sec. the dimming and memory function will be disabled resp. activated