LED 24 V Dim Controller

Dim Controller as optional accessory for 24 V transformer

  • • constant 24 V DC / for luminaires with LED 24 plug
  • • easy plug-in connection for new or existing installations
  • • with memory-function (after cut off from mains the last dimming status is recovered)
  • • radio telecontrol to dim and switch (operating distance 15m / less for walls and ceilings)
  • • NEW: flush-mounted touch-remote-control to control the colour setting, dim and switch with customary push-button
  • • 4 channel radio telecontrol with master button and wall mounting combinable with dynamic-controllers
  • • mounting radio telecontrol with wall mounting
  • • recessed radio telecontrol for wood with 35 mm cut-out min. 12 mm incl. mounting housing stainless steel or for use in standard sockets
  • • plenty of radio controllers can be activated simultaneously using a remote control or per channel
  • • NEW: all controller with „Soft Off“ and „Multicontrol“ (it is possible to program up to 7 remote controls to one controller)
  • • dim-controller DALI for connection to complex controls or bus systems
  • • controllable with every iOS or Android smartphone or tablet (with free of charge Hera-App), operating distance up to 50 m
  • • easy installation with Plug & Play components and connecting system
  • • can be used as stand-alone-system without an existing WiFi system; with an existing WiFi system max. 14 controllers can be used
  • • incl. remote function (external control) and timer function (individual runtime and break time)
  • • Sonar-controller for invisible switching and dimming behind wood, glass, stone, or ceramic with a max. size of 40 mm