SlimLite® CS

Compact luminaire with aluminium casing and 8mm plug-in system

HE - high efficiency: Fluorescent luminaire with a high light output, designed to be efficient and economical
HO - high output: Fluorescent luminaire with over 50% greater luminous flux output per lamp
DIM 1-10V: Dimmable luminaire with 1-10V control cables (Mini AMP plug aund coupler; dimming area 10-100%); the luminaires cannot be operated with a leading or trailing edge dimmer. They can either be operated with the dimmer shown on page 156 or a 1-10V flush-mounted dimmer, requiring a 1-10V mini amp control cable and luminaire input lead to be connected to the dimmer.

Connection: 220 – 240V / 50 – 60Hz
Lamp: extremely long-life T5 (ø 16mm) high efficiency fluorescent lamp, ø life 20,000 hours or high output fluorescent lamp, ø life 24,000 hours
Energy efficiency: HE: 96 - 104lm/W (14 - 35W); HO: 83 - 93lm/W (24 - 54W); this luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes E to A
Colour rendering: Ra/CRI = 80 – 89
Special features: flicker-free instant start and power-saving due to electronic ballast; ideal for food industry applications due to plexiglass cover (splinter shield); rigid connector for minimal spacing between luminaires; vertical plug-in system allows later removal from the strip light; many accessories; dimmable version 1-10V; from 8 W version „screw-through“.