SPS Shelf Power System

Invisible shelf-power-supply 24 V

Connection: LED transformer DC 24 V
Output: max. 96 W per feeder element / 2 x 48 W per adapter
Special features: • easy and time-saving installation without tools
• suitable for Tego Classic (3 hook console 121605 only in oblique state)
• one Plug&Play - system as a complete solution, combinable with all 24 V Hera - luminaires
• to illuminate e.g. metal-, wood- and glass-shelves
• every SPS adapter is equipped with two 24 V sockets - for the power supply of 2 shelves
• the through-connected SPS power-track enables a mutually utilisation (ideal for e.g. „Gondola“ - applications)
• illumination of up to 4 complete shelf-units with only one SPS power-track
• the flexible power-supply enables refitting of existing shelves even with lower ceiling heights