LED Power-Line HE/HO

Pressure-sensitive, flexible LED strips

LED Power-Line – the latest LED technology for general diffused lighting. Surface-mounted on furniture, displays, showcases and cupboards. Illuminates without heating, ideal for delicate products.

Connection: LED-transformer DC 24V
Life: L70/B10 ≥ 50,000 hours
Energy efficiency: LED HE/HO 65 / 113 lm/W; Luminaire: 408 / 980 lm/m (54 / 82 lm/W); this luminaire contains built-in, not changeable LED lamps of the energy efficiency class A to A++
Colour rendering: Ra/CRI > 90 (HO: 95)
Special features: maximum 12 strips 333 mm or 4 m per supply cable; quick and easy installation with double-sided adhesive tape and integrated plug and socket of the Line (directly plug-in without connecting cable); stripe and be shorten all 55mm (version HE) or 167mm (version HO) (marking under the adhesive foil); remnants can‘t be used anymore